Pre-Owned ZEISS Victory Night Vision 5.6x62 Handheld Monocular

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ZEISS Victory NV 5.6x62

Pre-Owned Optic that has recently been inspected by Zeiss and is in great condition.  Call with any additional questions regarding this item.  Includes carrying case, strap, and owners manual.

Disclaimer: Do not turn unit on in daylight or near light source.  This unit is only meant to be used in dark environments.  Improper use near light source will ruin the unit.  The sale of this product is final due to this reason.  

High-tech optics that bring light into darkness. The main challenge of night-time hunting is the secure identification of the target before shooting. When night-time conditions are even beyond the capability of classic low light binoculars, the ZEISS Victory NV 5.6x62 T*, with its electronic residual light intensifier, comes into its own. It allows you to observe game even in the light of a new moon and gives you a secure identification; a clear, starry sky is enough to provide the brightest, most detailed images.