Swarovski tM-35 Thermal (Clip On)

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Product will be available in spring 2022.

Featuring state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology, the tM 35 impresses both as a thermal imaging hand-held device and as a thermal imaging clip-on device. The proven, energy-saving SWAROLIGHT automatic switch-on/off timer and intelligent brightness adjustment ensure it is ready for use at all times. Depending on the hunting situation, detail recognition can be enhanced by switching between White Hot and Black Hot mode. The tM 35 can be operated intuitively in darkness and is compatible with SWAROVSKI OPTIK rifle scopes from the Z8i, Z6i, Z5(i), and Z3 series.

USA/Canada: only 1x magnification available

Legislation governing firearms and hunting sets out special conditions for the purchase, ownership, and use of thermal imaging devices.

Please always check national provisions and regulations before purchase or use.



10.9x8.7 m/100mField of view
100 %Field of view with eye glasses (%)
21 mm Exit pupil distance (4x magnification)
1xOptical magnification
4xDigital magnification
35 mm/f1.1Objective lens
170 mm Length in mm.
54 mm Width in mm.
80 mm Height in mm.
495g Weight
M44x0.75Connection thread
-15 to +50 °C Functional temperature
-30 to +70 °C Storage temperature
IP68IP protection class
60HzRefresh rate (Hz)
AMOLED Screen type
2560x2048Screen resolution (pixels)
Uncooled VOx microbolometer Sensor type
320x256Sensor resolution (pixels)
12Pixel size (µm)
2s Start up time (s)
Li-lon 3000 m Ah Battery
7h Battery operating time during normal / maximum operation